Emceeing Buffalo premiere of ‘Life, Animated’

I enjoyed Friday night’s Buffalo premiere and post film discussion of the Oscar-nominated ‘Life, Animated’ at the North Park Theatre. The Museum of disABILITY History and Autism Services, Inc. hosted this Oscar nominated documentary to shine a light on what it’s like to have autism. It moved me to tears!

Life, Animated tells the story of a young man named Owen Suskind who has autism. It hit so close to home because he is very similar to my 25-year-old brother Polyvios who also has autism.

Like my brother, Owen was not hitting milestones and speaking for years. But he had a passion for Disney movies, and eventually learned how to speak through them. (My brother also loves Disney movies and cartoon animation!)

I really related to Owen’s older brother Walter. In one part of the documentary, he talked about how he thinks about the future and how his parents will no longer be around someday. Who will take care of Owen? Walter said he will have to step in, because he will be the only family Owen will have. As my brother’s oldest sibling, I also think about the future too. I’d like to think that’s still far away and I try not to think or worry about it too much just like Walter. But it’s a reality that siblings face.

It is funny how much I have in common with Owen’s family. I believe they are also from Massachusetts, and Owen’s father Ron is also a journalist, like I am.

I highly recommend watching Life, Animated. Check out the documentary trailer here: http://www.lifeanimateddoc.com


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