LIVE from the 2017 Buffalo Greek Festival

I had such a blast going live from the Buffalo Greek Fest all Friday afternoon! I did 6 + live shots and each one showed viewers something different about Greek heritage and culture. From Greek dancers to Greek pastries and even saganaki cheese up in flames! I I’m 100% Greek and proud of it, it was so cool to share that with viewers on News 4! 🇬🇷 OPA! I grew up going to Greek Festivals back home in Massachusetts.

This is the 41st year of the Buffalo Greek Festival. It is the traditional kick off for the festival season in Western New York. It’s taking place on the corner of Delaware and West Utica at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church. You can find out more information about the schedule here:

Check out my live shot about traditional Greek dancers and music:

Anyone who knows me knows that I rave about saganki often! This cheese is equally as delicious as it is entertaining to watch. Check out my live shot to see what I mean:

If you have a sweet tooth, you definitely won’t be disappointed by delicious Greek pastries. Check out my live shots to learn more about traditional cookies and pastries like kourambedies and baklava. As well as twists on traditional pastries, with delicious desserts like baklava cheesecake and baklava sundaes:

A big shout out to Presvytera Christakis (to the right of me in the photo above) from the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Buffalo. She is an amazing woman who helped me coordinate all of the interviews for several live shots! She does a wonderful job of keeping our rich Greek heritage alive in the Buffalo community. She is also incredibly kind and generous!


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