INDYCAR stops by News 4 ahead of race at Watkins Glen Labor Day weekend

21192470_1294964817299236_4020100086974307445_n21191862_1294964853965899_8772617142455155753_n 21105511_1294964827299235_5559299230847790468_nI had a ton of fun on the job today in this INDYCAR! The race car stopped by our station for live shots all morning long to promote a race taking place at Watkins Glen this Labor Day weekend. They took me for rides on live TV, and it was so cool! Check out one of my many live shots:

“It’s just that sensation of speed when you’re standing up by the fence and you see a car coming by at 150, 200 miles an hour it’s really like nothing else in the world. The sights, the smells, and the sounds,” said Chris Banker, Watkins Glen Senior Manager Public Relations.

We got to experience all 3 this morning as we drove up and down Elmwood Ave in an INDYCAR. The two seater race car is street legal.

“It never gets old, every single city we go to it’s a different path, different route, sometimes it’s a little more intricate,” said Chase Crawford, INDY Street Legal and Show Car Programs Head Coordinator.

We went about 45 miles per hour and definitely turned a few heads as we drove down the street!

“You definitely feel like you’re going a lot faster cause we’re 2, 3 inches off the ground it makes you feel so much faster especially because it’s open wheel and you see everything going past you so fast,” said Crawford.

INDYCAR travels around the country.

“We’ll go to every single race track a week before each race. So for the past couple weeks we’ve actually gone to Pocono in Pennsylvania, we went to Gateway just last week and we actually drove to Busch Stadium on the field,” said Crawford.

INDYCAR is headed to Watkins Glen International this Labor Day weekend to do what it does best.

“It’s really a neat race weekend for us, obviously we have the big NASCAR weekend in August but this is really a fan friendly event. The INDYCAR drivers love coming out and taking pictures with fans,” said Banker.

For ticket information for this weekend’s race go to this link:



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