Lewiston Library Ghosts

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Do you believe in ghosts? Whether you believe or not, strange things that have happened at the Lewiston Public Library (in Lewiston, NY) may make you wonder. With the help of some ghost hunting gadgets and paranormal investigator Tim Shaw, I went there to see for myself! (It gave me goose bumps!) Check it out:

On the surface the Lewiston Public Library appears ordinary. But inside there’s been peculiar activity, and believed to be lingering spirits.

“I’m not sure what it is here, but I’ve been here about 16 years and when I first started I definitely felt certain things especially when I’m alone in here,” said Michelle Kratts, Librarian.

Using an EMF meter Paranormal Investigator Tim Shaw has witnessed strange activity first hand in the children’s section of the library.

“The lights just glowed blue. It was just heavy duty blue and that means there were some kind of EMF field building and then the temperature dropped almost 10 degrees. I put my hand in there to check the meter and when I put it in there it felt like cotton candy and I pulled it right out,” said Tim Shaw, Paranormal Investigator.

With the help of some ghost detecting gadgets, Tim Shaw scanned the library in search of energies.

“We’re picking up some stray EMF now. Now we don’t know if we’re picking up something that may be a wire, or something of that nature natural, or a spirit personality,” said Shaw.

Library staff and guests too, have experienced strange activities.

“They saw a shadow figure walk by and kind of walk into the wall, and that was several people at the same time seeing the same thing,” said Kratts.

No one knows for sure whether ghosts actually exist or not, but several people say that by the book shelves they’ve seen people disappear into thin air.

“We have had ghost hunters come here and they’ve had EVP’s or voice recordings that are pretty terrifying,” said Kratts.

No one can answer why these things happen at the library, but Native American artifacts on the wal that could be from a burial site may have something to do with it.

“A lot of the traditions say that if you disturb a burial site, the spirit will wander. Could that affect it? Absolutely,” said Shaw.



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