Speaking to students at Canisius College

Through the Buffalo Broadcasters peer to peer program, I was asked to speak before a journalism class at Canisius College. I made a powerpoint presentation with different clips of my stories, and gave them a good look at what a day in the industry is like for reporters and multimedia journalists. I also told them about how I got into TV news.

My journey in the industry started well over a decade ago. Before I was even 15, I walked into my local cable access station in Salem, Massachusetts where I grew up and asked how I could get involved. That summer I hosted Salem’s best pizza night, the Ice-cream Scooperbowl, and a Triathlon. I also did the same the following summer and the summer after that. These segments aired on Channel 3 and 12, our local cable access channels.

In high school, I took TV Studios classes, wrote for the school newspaper and became the editor, and I also said the morning announcements. I studied Broadcast Journalism at Suffolk University, and did as many internships in the industry as I could. I interned at WHDH-TV in Boston, NECN (now NBC Boston), Dirty Water TV on NESN, and a social media internship. I networked and made connections at each of these places. Before I graduated college, I was hired as a Production Assistant at WHDH-TV. By the time I had my degree, I became a morning news writer for the TV station.

I worked very hard to get my first position as a full time TV news reporter. I worked with voice coaches, and also shadowed reporters and worked with photographers who helped shoot my video reel. After applying to positions for more then 6 months on TVjobs.com, I got my first full time position on-air at WAGM-TV, Market 205 in Presque Isle, Maine. The rest is history.

My best advice to students is to be WILLING to put the time in, start small, and have patience. Don’t be afraid of the time it will take you to achieve your goal, because the time will pass you by either way. Also, enjoy the ride šŸ™‚


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