Speaking at BSR Media Conference


On Saturday, I went to the College at Brockport to take part in the BSR Media Conference. Other journalists who work in Buffalo and also several others from other local television markets also attended. My session in particular focused on social media and personal branding, and how it’s used on the job on a daily basis.


Using Twitter and Facebook are a part of my normal day to day job duties. I send tweets several times throughout my shift about the story I am working on. This includes pictures, bits of information, and basically a tease ahead to what viewers can expect to see on the air. In a breaking news situation, this is a great way to get information to viewers in a matter of seconds. My tweets are also re-tweeted by my station’s Twitter account and seen by hundreds of thousands of Twitter users.


On my personal Facebook news page (www.facebook.com/angelacontv) I post links to my stories, video clips of my live shots, and pictures on a regular basis. Giving viewers a place to find your work is important, and helps in building a personal brand. It gives me an outlet to collect with viewers, and also share a side of myself that I may not get to show as often on TV.  I am constantly pushing people to ‘like’ my Facebook news page to build my fan base. Doing this ensures the content I create reaches more people, and it’s also a great way to get story ideas from the public.

Of course, using social media is just one snippet of my day. It can be challenging to juggle the actual reporting with multi-tasking using social media among several other responsibilities while out in the field, but it is the norm in the industry today. Knowing how to maneuver social media is a needed skill in the world of TV news!

Are you an aspiring TV journalist? If you have any questions about the industry, feel free to email me (angelacontv@gmail.com) and I’d be happy to answer your question in a blog post!


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