5 year career milestone

I’m celebrating a big career milestone this month! March marks 5 years as an on air journalist. I spent 3 of those years in Buffalo, and the first 2 years in Presque Isle, Maine. Today is also my official 2 year anniversary at Channel 4, and the start of my 3rd year!

Picking up and pursuing a career hundreds of miles away from home has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but also one of the best choices I’ve made. I’ve grown both professionally and personally, and love having the opportunity to make a difference.

When I think back to some career highlights so far, I think back to my first station at WAGM-TV in Presque Isle, Maine. It was my first full time TV reporting job out of college, in market 205. There’s about 210 TV markets in the country, and I started in one of the tiniest! A tiny market, but a big impact.

I put together a 5 part series on autism awareness at WAGM-TV. Above I’m interviewing my brother Polyvios at my parents home in Massachusetts. I told my brother’s story as part 1 of my series, because I wanted viewers to know why autism is so close to my heart. For the rest of my series I told the stories of other people in the community with autism. I got a huge response and showing of support from the community after this aired. This series was significant for me because it was the first time I really felt I made a difference. (You can check out part 1 here: https://vimeo.com/home/myvideos )

In Buffalo, I’ve told many stories to shed a light on developmental disabilities. You can check out some of my stories on my website where I’ve posted several links: http://angelachristoforos.com/austism-advocacy/

Here’s to another 5 years and beyond! 🎥


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