Buffalo’s first Cat Cafe: the ‘Purrfect’ spot for cat lovers

I don’t think I’ve ever used to many puns in a story! LOL! If you’re a cat lover, you’ll love the concept behind this “cat-fe!” WATCH:

If you love cats you don’t need to be purr-suaded to check out this one of a kind cat-fe on Hertel Avenue.

“We have a lot of kittens so it makes it a really playful environment, most of our cats here are under 1 year old,” said Jessica Brandon, Purrfect Cat Cafe Owner.

Each kitty is unique with plenty of purr-sonality, some have some serious cat-titude!

Whether they like their space or prefer playing or snuggling on your lap, they are paw-sitively cute and people in Buffalo are taking notice.

“We already have almost 5600 followers and we’ve only been open for 11 days,” said Brandon.

“We have a lot of people that actually come in and they say that it’s therapeutic, we have a few people come in just with their book and they’ll read with the cat on their lap,” said Ryan Walser, Purrfect Cat Cafe Executive Chef.

It costs $8 an hour to come hang out with these cats. Currently 10 cats call the Purrfect Cat Cafe home and 4 of them are adoptable, including Betty Boop.

“The ones that are adoptable come from Ten Lives Club and then the rest of them are my own rescues, Ryan and I took in a pregnant kitty at the beginning of winter,” said Brandon.

As cats are adopted, more cats will make their way to this purrfect space.

“Ten Lives took in almost 900 cats in 6 months so they have plenty to choose from,” said Brandon.

The restaurant side of the cafe will open within the next 2 to 3 months, but you can still hang in the lounge right meow.

For more information about Purrfect Cat Cafe, go to https://www.purrfectbuffalo.com/

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