Children’s Book: “Sammy Smart Guy” & autism awareness

I am beyond proud of my autistic brother Polyvios for publishing his first children’s book, “Sammy Smart Guy.” He wrote and illustrated the book himself.

The book is about a young boy with autism who becomes a successful artist despite challenges he faced. Sammy Smart Guy is a fictional character, but the story is an autobiographical account of Polyvios’s life.

Sammy Smart Guy has had a passion for art his entire life. As a young child, Sammy was curious about the world but had trouble asking people for help or guidance. At the age of three, Sammy began following his passion in art by drawing on his favorite videocassette. When Mom notices Sam’s beautiful work, she encourages him to draw on paper. As he grows older, Sammy’s unusual behavior continues. His parents take him to the doctor, and he is diagnosed with autism. Sammy’s teachers help him pursue his passion for art. Sammy grows older but still feels the same. After a period of behaviors, Sammy spends some time in a special hospital. When he is released, he still pursues his dreams. This story teaches children to follow their heart, no matter what people say. You can order Sammy Smart Guy at this link.

As a PR pro – I’ve been assisting with promoting my brother’s story and spreading autism awareness. For autism awareness month in April, Poylvios traveled to local schools like the Cove Elementary School in Beverly and Witchcraft Heights Elementary School in Salem to read his book to students and answer their questions about autism.

His story also made it to the front page of the Salem News! We’ve also caught the attention of the Boston Globe, and more coverage in that publication is on the horizon.

One of his proudest accomplishments was landing a book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Peabody. He sold a number of books and proved to be quite the salesman. He has touched a lot of hearts with his honesty in sharing his autism journey through ‘Sammy Smart Guy.’

I built him a website, where he can showcase his artwork and promotion with his children’s book.

This is a dream come true for my brother, and my family! We are now working on having the book placed in Barnes and Noble and sold in several stores. Stayed tuned for more updates, we’re just getting started! 🙂

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