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Spring 2011 Fashion

Spring 2011 Fashion

By Angela Christoforos

Major staples that are hits on the runways debuting Spring 2011 fashions range from bright neon colors, the nautical sailor-like look, statement red pieces, neutrals, snake skins, the classic black and white color combo, stripes, bold pattern prints, sheer tops, and elegant lace. The time has come to toss boots, scarves, and winter peat-coats to the back of the closet- and time to embrace the vibrant styles of spring.


(Steve Madden heels)

Make a bold statement with a bright neon color, like a neon green or yellow dress. Is a one color tone neon dress too much for you? Try pairing neon accessories like neon colored pumps or a clutch with a neutral color like black.



The sailor look is still and style, and the dark blues, whites, reds, and greens associated with the look are in full swing for yet another spring fashion season. This style can be worn in many different ways, shown on the models’ outfits pictured above. From a cute dress or a simple stripped top paired with white bottoms or denim, this sailor look is a classic spring style for any occasion.


Sandra Bull0ck at 2011 Oscars                                      Steve Madden Toppazz pumps

Several of the 2011 Oscar nominees set the standard for red this spring with their statement gowns on the red carpet. Stars like Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence, and Anne Hathaway walked the red carpet in ravishing red gowns. You’ll be sure to turn heads in a red dress for a night out in town- or with a bright red accessory like a clutch or strappy red heels.


You can never go wrong with a simple neutral colored piece of clothing- and if you want to add some flare? Throw in some snake skin. The outfit pictured above features a simple neutral colored top and shorts, but paired with a snakeskin tote and cuff snakeskin bracelet for some edge.


Black and white is a classic, and it will be for years to come. Rock this look in the spring with a cute black and white dress, or mix and match with a white bottom and a black top or vice versa like the celebrities pictured above. These colors are also perfect if you’re going for the crisp and professional look.



Prints and patterns are a big trend the spring season. Picture above the print and pattern trend is in full affect on the runway debuting a spring collection. The prints range from abstract to flowery with a variety of colors. If the whole-outfit being one print is too much for you, try a print skirt with a one color toned top.


Sheer tops are another popular trend this spring, as worn by Kim Kardashian in the above pictures, a sheer shirt and a black dress with sheer down the middle. It’s a sexy way of showing skin without really exposing it, but the look can be ruined if it’s not paired with the right undergarments.


Lace has been a staple in the fashion world, and it continues into the Spring 2011 season. Whether you wear a lace dress or a lace top, you are sure to look chic and sophisticated in a classy lace piece as Kim Kardashian does pictured above in a black lace top.

Oscars 2011- hits & misses

The Oscar’s Award ceremony is known for awarding the best of the best in the Hollywood movie industry. And of course, all of the styles and elegant evening gowns celebrities wear at the red carpet event. Here are some of my Oscar hit & misses, best & worst dressed:


Halle Berry, does she ever not look good? I love the nude color and accents of this Marchesa gown. Very flattering.


Jennifer Hudson looks ready for spring in this Versace tangerine orange gown! I love the up-do & earrings she has paired with the gown, she lost a lot of weight and looks great.


Celine Dion looks sleek and chic in this long-sleeved cream white Giorgio Armani prive gown. Not to mention she recently had twins within the past few months.


Pregnant Natalie Portman radiates in this plum purple Rodarte gown. I personally love where the dress falls on her shoulders.


Although Jennifer Lawrence went really simple in a red Calvin Klein gown, it fits her like a glove and flatters her shape. I think it would’ve been better with some bling jewelry though, like big earrings or a statement diamond necklace.


Nicole Kidman, what were you thinking? This less than flattering Dior dress was not a good choice for the Oscars. The extra triangular shaped fabric on the front doesn’t look right, and I’m not a fan of the patterns on the dress either.


Melissa Leo looks resembles a kitchen table cloth in this Marc Bouwer gown. That is all.


Marisa Tomei looks like she should be at Prom, not the Oscars, in this vintage inspired Charles James dress from Lily et Cie. I don’t like the princess poofyness of the bottom of the dress, especially at a red carpet event like the Oscars.


Stay fresh!

I titled this post “stay fresh” cause that’s what I used to tell Salem High school on a daily basis. I used to say the school announcements, in both the morning and the afternoon. I’d announce them over an intercom that ran through the whole school. I’d announce the pledge, important messages from school staff and basically any upcoming meetings/events/happenings for any clubs or activities. At the end of the afternoon announcements, I’d always end it by saying “Stay fresh Salem High school!” I have a really loud voice, so imagine that over an intercom that runs through the whole school! I’m sure I woke up a lot of people that were still half asleep bright and early at 7:24 in the morning with my loud voice and the morning announcements. 😉

Salem Access Television

Salem Access Television is the local TV station in my hometown of Salem, MA. When I was in high school, I used to volunteer here (as well as the Salem YMCA) every summer from sophomore year all the way up to until I graduated from Salem High school. I got a certification in operating the digital camcorder, and I also hosted local events in Salem that aired on local television (channels 3, 15 and 16 in Salem, MA).

The events I hosted include:

Salem’s Best Pizza Night

Ice Cream Scooperbowl

Salem Triathalon

**Salem’s Best Pizza night is a competition that happens once a year during the summertime in the Salem Commons, where all of the Pizza Places of Salem gather in hopes of being crowned “Salem’s Best Pizza”. For $5, people that come to the Commons during this competition can try a slice of pizza from ever pizza shop in Salem and then vote on who they think has the best pizza. I host throughout the event and I interview various people on their opinions of their favorite pizza and who they think is going to win the competition. It was a really fun event to host and by the end of the night I reported on who was the winner of Salem’s Best Pizza.

*The Ice Cream Scooperbowl was somewhat similar except it involved ice cream! Also another fun event I hosted.

*The triathalon event involved people competing in different sports such as biking and swimming. For this event I interviewed people that were directly involved with it as well as people competing in the event.



-I am looking into uploading the disks of me hosting these events and posting them on YouTube in the near future.


In addition to classes and TV related projects I’m involved with at Suffolk University, I’ve also been spending a lot of my time with internships. The first semester of my junior year (this past fall) I interned at NECN, New England Cable News. I was a newsroom intern, and my various tasks & duties involved running the teleprompter for live news casts, running scripts out to the anchors, helping producers write stories, and I also had the opportunity to go out on the field with reporters.

I currently intern at Channel 7 WHDH, in the Special Projects department. I work within investigative reporting, with investigate reporter Hank Phillippi Ryan.

I’ve gotten valuable experience in the field so far at my internships, something that can’t be learned in a classroom. Being in that environment and meeting the different people that work there has definitely made all of the time I put into my internships well worth it.


Steve Madden Star for a Day Sweepstakes

Something incredible happened to me in 2010. On December 1st and 2nd I was flown out to NYC with my best friend and had the experience of a life time. I won the Billboard’s Steve Madden Star for a Day Sweepstakes which entailed: a $1000 shoe shopping spree, $250 worth of spending money in American Express gift cards, the chance to meet Steve Madden, and I got to attend the Billboard Music Women’s Luncheon where celebrities like Fergie, the Black Eyed Peas, and Lea Michele were there. I wrote about my experience as the Sweepstakes winner in more detail on the blog for Steve Madden’s website. Here’s the direct link to my blog post on the Steve Madden website -> http://blog.stevemadden.com/?page=3

The actual blog post is below:

Star for a Day Sweepstakes Winner

A $1000 shoe shopping spree, styled head to toe- heels, dress, jewelry, accessories, completely pampered and glammed up hair and makeup done- this sounds like a girls dream—but for me it was a reality—and it gets better!

My adventure in New York City as the Billboard’s Steve Madden Star for a Day Sweepstakes winner started as soon as my best friend Cindy & I stepped off the airplane at JFK airport. A man in a car limo was waiting for us, holding up a sign with my name on it. He accommodated us to the Helmsley, the 4-star hotel in New York City that Cindy & I were going to be spending the night in, compliments of the Sweepstakes. Once we were done checking in, another car limo was awaiting us outside the Helmsley that took us to the Steve Madden store on Lexington Avenue.

We walked into the Steve Madden store and were greeted by two Steve Madden corporate employees, Stephanie and Paulette. They took us upstairs- to a room filled with racks of clothing ranging from dresses and tops to skirts galore- not to mention shoes and a table of accessories. They told us we could try on ANYTHING we wanted, and that Steve was giving Cindy & I a complimentary outfit that we would wear to the Billboard Music Women’s Luncheon that we would be attending the next day! Our outfits consisted of Steve Madden attire head to toe- which wasn’t even a part of the $1000 gift card, just an extra surprise! Cindy & I were thrilled and quickly filled our hands and ran to the dressing room to try on all of the awesome clothes we picked out.

After each outfit we tried on, both of us came out of the dressing room to model them for Stephanie and Paulette who “ooed” and “ahhed” over everything we tried on. I decided on a pretty off the shoulder short satiny green dress with a light and dark green mixed pattern, and Cindy decided on a pretty dark purple short satin dress. We both chose gold jewelry, and Cindy went with a beige heel and I went with the black heels called FIFI, embellished with pretty flowers.  I also chose a black clutch and Cindy chose a sparkly gold one. We were even given shawls incase it was cold the day of the event!

After picking out our outfits for the glam red-carpet Billboard Women in Music Luncheon Event, Stephanie & Paulette took us downstairs to start us off on the $1000 shopping spree! I was in heaven! I’ve always been a huge fan of Steve Madden and my closet was already filled with several pair of his shoes- but now that number in my closet was about to become doubled! After about an hour of parading around the store and trying on several different pair of heels- we proceeded to the register to make our purchases- which came to $1,037! My purchases included a cute black handbag, a black strapless dress, a beige fur long-sleeve to wear over the dress, a tall pair of black suede heeled boots, a pair of peep toe heels with bows & crystal stones all over them, a funky pair of gold sparkly heels, and an awesome pair of beige suede heels. Cindy’s purchases included an awesome pair of suede pumps that were a purple-blue color, brown leather boots, and a tall pair of black leather boots. After we were done shopping, we didn’t even have to worry about carrying our shoes because the girls arranged a messenger to send all of our purchases to the hotel for us! Talk about shopping like a celebrity!

When we were done with our shopping spree, Stephanie and Paulette took us out to lunch at Rue 57- also complimentary. We had a nice time bonding with the girls while eating our lunch- burger and fries…YUM! After Rue 57, the girls took us to the Steve Madden Showroom in NYC where the shoe show FFANY was taking place- they explained to us how department store buyers come and buy shoes that they will sell in their stores each season. The building was amazing- each floor housed a different shoe brand. They took us right to the Steve Madden floor, which was very busy with people running around…and even including Steve Madden himself! Cindy & I got a tour of the floor and also got to see the Spring 2011 collection of Steve Madden shoes that hadn’t even been released in stores yet. After walking around the city, Cindy & I went back to our hotel where all of our lovely shoes were waiting for us. After dinner we went back to our room at the Helmsley hotel to get a good night’s rest- because an exciting day was awaiting us early the next morning!

The next day started for us at 8 am- we woke up and started to get ready for the big red carpet event. By 8:30am, Stephanie, a makeup artist, and hair stylist, were knocking on our hotel room door to doll up Cindy & I for the Billboard Women in Music Luncheon! It felt awesome to get pampered from our own hotel room. Cindy & I both got a similar hairstyle with long pretty curls, but mine was styled a little differently and pinned up in the front. Our makeup looked astonishing and with our hair done, combined with our glam dresses, shoes & accessories, Cindy & I looked red carpet ready.

Once we were downstairs and ready to go, a limo was outside waiting for us to take us to the Pierre, a 5-star NYC hotel where the red carpet Billboard Women in Music Luncheon event was taking place. The closer we got- the more and more excited Cindy & I were- especially when we found out celebrities like Fergie, the Black Eyed Peas, Lea Michelle from Glee, Jazmine Sullivan, and Lance Bass were going to be there!As soon as we arrived and stepped inside- one glance and I could tell that this was a really extravagant event. There was a red carpet, and paparazzi everywhere! All of the celebrities there were on the red carpet smiling for pictures. The best part of all was that Steve Madden was on the red carpet taking pictures too- and he pulled Cindy and I onto the red carpet to take pictures with him!

It was so amazing to get to walk to the red carpet and get pictures taken of us by the paparazzi- I’ve always dreamed of what it’s like to be a celebrity- and I actually got to experience it! We met a lot of amazing people at the event- Steve Madden’s wife, Wendy Madden, Steve Madden himself, the Steve Madden marketing team and people from Billboard who ran the Sweepstakes and put it all together. Cindy and I were directed to our table at the Billboard Women in Music Luncheon, where we got to sit with interesting people involved in the music industry. At the event, Fergie won Woman of the Year in music, and we got to watch her give a speech before our very eyes. Lea Michele from Glee won the Triple Threat award, and Jazmie Sullivan won the Rising Star/Up and coming artist award, which was presented personally by Steve Madden himself. After the event was over, Cindy & I even managed to get a picture with Tabu from the Black Eyed Peas!

Overall, our trip to NYC was SUCH an amazing experience. I can’t decide which part was my favorite, the $1000 shopping spree, the red carpet event, or getting to meet Steve Madden! Not to mention the celebrity treatment we got! Everyone we met was truly amazing, the red carpet event was an experience I’ll never forget, and Cindy & I absolutely love all of our new Steve Madden shoes! The most amazing part about the Sweepstakes that I still can’t fathom is that I was selected 1 out of 6,000 entries! Never did I ever expect to win something like this, but I am absolutely thrilled that I did! Thank you to Stephanie and Paulette for guiding us in our NYC adventure and thank you to Billboard and Steve Madden for putting together such a wonderful experience! As an aspiring Broadcast Journalist, maybe we will meet again one day!

Cindy Medrano & Angela Christoforos (Sweepstakes Winner)

Espana Study Abroad

When I studied abroad in Spain Summer of 2010, I took two classes: Media and it’s affects on audiences and Astronomy with a Lab. For my Astronomy class, we got to go on a field trip to the Canary Islands. We went to La Palma and La Tenerife. We observed stars at an astronomical observatory on Tenerife- an amazing experience. The sky there looked amazing at night and we were at such a high altitude that we were on the same level as the clouds. While at Tenerife we also climbed to the top of the Mount Teide volcano, the highest peak of Spain and the 3rd largest volcano in the world. It was an amazing experience, the views from the top of the volcano were incredible.

Service Learning: Project Connection

During my senior year of high school, I took the Service Learning class and I created “Project Connection” with my friend Kaitlyn Benjamin. Both Kailtyn and I were editors of the high school newspaper “The Witches Brew.” Project Connection connected The Witches Brew with the Salem Evening News newspaper. We created an interactive website for the Witches Brew in which people had the ability to leave comments on articles. The link for the website we created was featured on the website for the Salem Evening News. We were featured in the print newspaper of the Salem Evening News as well as the website. The website we created for the Witches Brew is still up and running and being used by current students at Salem High involved with Service Learning and with the Witches Brew.

Link to article written about Project Connection:


The Witches Brew website link:


Next Step magazine Super Teens Contest

In 2007, I also won a Contest with Next Step Magazine, a magazine publication that serves as a guide for high school students preparing to attend College. The Super Teens contest highlights teens that are standout throughout the New England region, and I had the honor of being among one of the teens that was selected at the time! I was featured inside the magazine as well as on the cover. It highlights my involvement in high school as well as the Miss Teen Massachusetts pageant.

This is the link to the contest winners: http://www.nextstepu.com/articlepage1.aspx?artId=2927&categoryId=

The following is the section about me under the Super Teens Contest winners:

Angela Christoforos says competing in the Miss Teen Massachusetts Pageant greatly impacted her life and how she approaches situations. “It took a great deal of courage to walk across a stage in a swimsuit and five-inch heels while sucking in my stomach, walking like a model and smiling all at the same time,” she says. The competition helped her develop thicker skin and improved her interviewing skills. As a sophomore, Angela started a Greek club at her high school to explore and share her Greek heritage. Angela is a junior at Salem High School and resides in Salem, Mass. She plans to attend college and major in broadcast journalism.

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